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Michael Sheldon



The University of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honors, March 2016
GPA: 3.75/4.00
BA Thesis; Income Targeting and the Ridesharing Market
David S. Hu Award for excellence in course work and creativity in thesis


Data Scientist II

Uber Technologies, San Francisco California
June 2014- Present                       

  • Lead contributor for a system which creates, optimizes, and updates driver incentive campaigns globally among top cities. Built on iterative experimental design and a gradient descent approach to optimize incentive spend between structures, geographies, and times within a city.
  • Developed a modeled framework to understand market-level impacts of supply and demand experiments, which typical A/B experiments cannot detect. Led project to extend this framework in order to analyze the competitive impacts of network scale.
  • Key contributor to decoupled, driver surge pricing. Developed a new surge algorithm for drivers which better conforms to supply behavior and elasticities.                                                                                                       

Research Assistant to Devin Pope, Behavioral Economics

University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
February 2014-March 2016                                                                                                

  • Designed and managed a 10,000+ participant study on MTurk, analyzing task performance under different behavioral frames and incentives
  • Led a group of 10+ individuals for collecting, compiling, and cleaning race data on police shootings.
  • Provided preliminary insights, data collection and cleaning for play-by-play NFL data                                                                              

Project Development Assistant

Collective Decision Engines, Chicago Illinois
March 2014- June 2014

  • Involved with developing a commercial implementation of Quadratic Voting under Glen Weyl
  • Conducted a user-research panel to test software functionality and interpretability.
  • Developed regression testing of the software prior to commercial implementation.



#BUILTBYGIRLS, San Francisco California
February 2018- Present

  • Provided advice, guidance, and mentorship to young women looking to enter and succeed in the tech industry.
  • Shared experience and insights, provided advice for opportunities and growth, and introduced mentees to other experts in their desired industry    

Saturday University Tutor

Black Star Project, Chicago Illinois
April 2013- June 2013

  • Instructed group of at-risk students in both mathematics and reading
  • Coordinated assignments, evaluations, and curriculum with other instructors                                                                                

Chicago BounD

September 2013

  • Helped create partnerships between non-profit organizations and the University of Chicago
  • Engaged and consulted community members in addressing social issues such as LGBTQ+ homelessness, reemployment programs, and recidivism


Technically Proficient in: Python, R, Hive, Presto, SQL, STATA, LaTeX
Language: Proficient in German